2013 will mark the 25th anniversary of the Dancing on the Edge Festival;
one of Canada’s longest running contemporary dance festivals!
Our host Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg will lead you through four eclectic dance pieces.

Onward Ho, My Love

Choreography by JULIA APLIN WITH tiger princess dance projects

Performed by Yvonne Ng and Brendan Wyatt

Onward Ho, My Love is a duet of a man in a top hat, a woman in a red gown. A path to be taken. What happens along the journey may be seen as questionable, amusing, strange, interesting, odd, joyful, sad, elegant, rough, tender, harsh, perhaps even confusing but always with the wild sense of commitment, integrity and bravery that the dancers bring to the work.

>> www.princessproductions.ca

May I join you?

Choreography by Carmen Romero

Performed by Carmen Romero, Composer/Pianist: Scott Metcalfe

May I join you is an enticing conversation between a flamenco dancer
and a Jazz pianist. Choreographer Carmen Romero and Jazz pianist Scott Metcalf,
have joined artistic forces to employ their improvisational skills and talents
to transcend the boundaries of culture and genre.
May I join you has been adapted for Dusk Dances unique performance environment.

>> www.carmenromero.ca


Choreography by Kate Franklin and Meredith Thompson

Performed by Maggie Boyd, Naomi Brand, Lisa Butel, David Clennin,
Lara Kroeker, Zoe Dao-Kroeker, Nuria Díaz Ibáñez, Kae Donais, Alberta Girardi,
Meera Howard, Nissa Howard, Stephen Howard, Serena Howard, Sonja Janousek,
Meredith Kalaman, Arash Khakpour, Peggy Leung, Ev Levine, Natasha Lutz-Van Poelgeest,
Erika McKitrick, Darcy McMurray, Patricia L. Morris, Francesca Rossoni Pachó, Linda Rosenheck, Jamee Valin, Matthew Waldie, Henry Wong and Thomas Yuen

Incandescent, a thoughtful, visually stunning portrait of both the individual and the collective human experience, is inspired by the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Anthem, "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

Watermark: lost at sea

Choreography by Eury Chang

A dance theatre work integrating text from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's They Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner takes a poetic sailor on a whimsical journey with a dancing siren.


Incandescent rehearsal on July 2nd.
Photo: Yvonne Chew - Click for more photos!


7:00 PM - Band starts

7:30 PM - Dances start

Portside Park is located on E Waterfront Rd and Main street.

More info: 604-689-0691



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