Brodie Stevenson and Molly Johnson in Inner City Sirens, Part II. Photo by Joseph Michael Photography

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2014 will mark the 26th anniversary of the Dancing on the Edge Festival;
one of Canada’s longest running contemporary dance festivals!



Unquiet Winds

Choreographed by Denise Fujiwara

Performed by Sylvie Bouchard and Brendan Wyatt

Unquiet Winds was inspired by medieval Japanese and European love poems. Its creation employs principles of Japanese Butoh dance.

I saw a girl under green laurel
Colder and whiter than the snow
Untouched by the sun for many years
Francesco Petrarch

It withers in the world
This flower-like human heart

First premiered at Dusk Dances 2013.

Inner City Sirens, PART II

Choreographed by Julia Aplin

Performed by Mairéad Filgate and Brodie Stevenson.
Musicians: Blake Howard and Jesse Baird.
Music Composed by Deb Sinha and Chris Wilson.

Reigning World Champions in the sport of pairs synchronized swimming
for petite pools! The athletes will display the strength, co-ordination
and skill needed to maintain the highest level of accomplishment.
Cheer them on as they strive to overcome challenges
and thrive in the glory of the sport.

First premiered at Dusk Dances 1998.

Cree Creation Story

Choreographed by Yvonne Chartrand

Performed by Yvonne Chartrand, Eloi Homier, Kat Single-Dain and M.Pyress Flame

An excerpt from Yvonne Chartrand's Cooking It Up Métis.
Cree Creation Story is a contemporary dance work inspired
by an Elder's storytelling of the beginning of time from the Cree perspective,
portraying the Cree peoples' relationship with Mother Earth,
water and the star nation.

Premieres in Dusk Dances 2014.

be graceful in the wind

Choreographed by Meghan Goodman (Body Narratives Collective)

Performed by Meghan Goodman, Julia Carr and Susan Kania

In a salute to the majestic tree, be graceful in the wind
celebrates the spirit, magic and mystery of the West Coast rainforest.
This enchanting trio features original music composed by
Phil Thomson and costume design by Maggie Winston.

Premieres in Dusk Dances 2014.





Sylvie Bouchard in Unquiet Winds
Photo:Joseph Michael Photography


7:00 PM - Band starts

7:30 PM - Dances start

PWYC - $10 suggested minimum donation

Portside Park is located on E Waterfront Rd and Main street.

More info: 604-689-0691




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