Scott Fowler in Karissa Barry's Alpha Compass, Photo: Cindi Wicklund

Dusk Dances Barrie
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Uno Dos Y Tres

Choreography by Carmen Romero

Performance: Carmen Romero
Live music performance: Stephanie Pedraza
Costumes: Patricia Cueva

Based on a poem by Manuel Benitez Carrasco from the 1920s, UNO DOS Y TRES is a visual metaphor of the internal conflicts we deal with in life. This physical and emotional work offers the audience a flamenco performance that goes beyond the traditional presentation, shifting audience expectations and demanding an open mind and heart.

A Dusk Dances premiere.

Alpha Compass

Choreography by Karissa Barry

Performance/Collaboration: Christoph von Riedemann
Music: Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven (slowed to 800%), M-theory text, True Detective, edited by Karissa Barry
Costumes: Karissa Barry
Original performance/collaboration: Scott Fowler

Alpha Compass is inspired by themes of solitude, mortality, ego, and the human response to change. Using the physics-based “M-Theory” as a creative influence, this solo explores physicality motivated by what our existence may mean when applied to multiple dimensions of time, grasping to reality and identity.

A Dusk Dances premiere.

Reversible Steps for Four

Choreography by MairÉad Filgate

Performance: Jaqui Brown (Aug 17-19), Jewell Cormier, Chrissy King (Aug 16), Ulana Romanish and Shelby Thoms of Simcoe Contemporary Dancers
Music: Clapping Music by Steve Reich, Close to Me by The Cure (edited by Mairéad Filgate)

Slipping in and out of recognizable patterns of order, the dancers propel through space, attempting to maintain precision and harmony with sound, space, and one another while engaging in a quickly changing series of collective tasks.

My heartfelt gratitude to the dancers who contributed their beautiful dancing, clever minds, and total enthusiasm to our process together. Many thanks too to Sarah Lochhead for the opportunity to create and present in my home town. This work has been adapted from the stage for its new outdoor forest setting. Made possible with the support of The City of Barrie, the Ontario Arts Council, and In Harmony Dance & Wellness.

A Dusk Dances premiere.


Choreography by Shelby Thoms of Simcoe Contemporary Dancers with contributions from the performers and Alyssa Zimmerman

Performance: Natasha Booth*, Lexi Cooper, Anika Dowell, Amy Eakin, Lauren Engel, Donna Greatrix, Wendy Hutchinson, Amber Kaufman, Sarah Kennedy*, Jenny Keresztesi (Aug 16), Lauren Kitsemetry, Melissa Laverdiere, Elisha Litman, Cadance Semsch Padley, Eliza Pinney*, Ulana Romanish*, Rachael Shackleton, Joslyn Shackleton, Ruby Wessenger, Brooklynn Yuill, Sydney Whittaker (*Company members of Simcoe Contemporary Dancers)
Music: Cello Song by The Books Featuring Jose Gonzales & Voices by Daughter

Seedlings explores the ideas of growth, planting and cultivating from the earth through the process of growing and planting ideas with one another.

Thank you to KMH Dance Productions for providing rehearsal space in the event of rain. Made possible with the support of The City of Barrie.

A Dusk Dances premiere.

Inner City Sirens, Part 2

Choreography by Julia Aplin

Performance: Alison Keery and Brendan Wyatt
Live music performance: Harrison Argatoff and Harry Vetro
Original music composition: Debashis Sinha and Chris Wilson

Reigning World Champions in the sport of pairs synchronized swimming for petite pools! The athletes will display the strength, co-ordination and skill needed to maintain the highest level of accomplishment. Cheer them on as they strive to overcome challenges and thrive in the glory of the sport.

Thank you to original cast member Wilson Blakley.

First premiered as a Dusk Dances commission in 1998.




Thursday August 16th to Sunday August 19th

6:00 PM TO 6:45 PM: arrive early for FREE dance workshops every night

7:00 PM - Opening band

7:30 PM - DANCE performances begin!


$10.00 per person suggested



Lampman Lane Park is located at 59 Lampman Lane in Barrie, ON.

More info: 705.718.5451


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