Rhodnie Désir in Dusk Society. Photo: John Lauener

Dusk Dances REPENTIGNY is Presented by the City of Repentigny, THE ESPACE CULTUREL DE REPENTIGNY and by the ThÉÂtre Hector-Charland AS A LICENSEE OF DUSK DANCES INC.


With FREE Square Dance workshop with Mélissandre Tremblay-Bourassa, accompanied by her musicians


ChoreographY by Hanna Kiel

Performance: Michael Baboolal, Sierra Chin Sawdy, Mairi Greig, Gavin Law
and Brendan Wyatt
Music: Let's Stay Together by Al Green, NNNCCCCRRHH by SHXCXCHCXSH, Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin
Costumes: Cara Johnson
Rehearsal Director: Natasha Poon Woo

Why do we feel how we feel? Love makes us act in certain ways. Fall explores the emotional roller coaster of falling in love!

A Dusk Dances commission and a world premiere.

Dusk Society

ChoreographY by Rhodnie DÉsir

Performance: Rhodnie Désir
Music composition and performance: Engone Endong
Vocal composition: Rhodnie Désir

In Dusk Society, Désir offers a perspective that is at once sociological, historical and choreographic. Through the piece, Désir examines past and current concerns that have shaped Toronto’s identity, all while creating strong connections with citizens through video and written testimonials collected from the community of festival attendees. In Dusk Society, the choreographer’s body becomes a visual representation of the city’s pulse and an amplifier for the voice of the people.

First premiered as a Dusk Dances commission in 2017.

Onward Ho, My Love

Choreography and design by Julia Aplin

Performance: Kaitlin Standeven and Brendan Wyatt
Music: François Bonifay & Marino Marani, Léo Ferré and Edith Piaf
Costumes and set design: Appleberry Ink

Onward Ho, My Love is a long pathway, a journey of sorts that two people have chosen to take together. The journey may be seen as challenging, joyful, sad, funny, elegant, rough, tender, ridiculous, or confusing. The dancers bring their bravery, integrity and humanity to live each moment to the fullest.

Thank you to the original cast Yvonne Ng and Robert Glumbek. Thank you, Dusk Dances, for continuing the journey. Thank you, John, Jenny and Sylvie.

First premiered as a Dusk Dances and Tiger Princess Productions commission in 2012.

Collective Movement

ChoreographY by Marie-Michelle Darveau

Performance: Valérie Audet, Roxane Chénier, Ève Constantin, Marie Coutu Drainville, Gabrielle Doucet, Maude Laferrière, Lori Lizotte-Rouleau, Véronique Pharand-Gilbert and Emmy Robillard
Music: Luminous Beings by Jon Hopkins

Mouvement collectif is an original work created for Danses au crépuscule Repentigny 2019. Emerging choreographer Marie-Michelle Darveau wanted to take advantage of this creative opportunity to revisit concepts explored in 2018 with performer Jessie Lhôte, this time with nine young performers from the Lanaudière region. The piece examines group cohesion by exploring the different components of opposing and complementary dualities, with the dancers abandoning themselves to physical contact in their search for new and unknown bodies. The resulting movement evokes a sense of support and solidarity where everyone’s influence is felt and the balance of the group is strengthened.

Thank you to L’École de ballet Francyn Coutu for renting their dance studio.

A Dusk Dances premiere.

A Flock of Flyers: remix

ChoreographY by Sylvie Bouchard

Performance: Michael Baboolal, Sylvie Bouchard, Mairi Greig, Gavin Law and Kaitlin Standeven
Sierra Chin Sawdy
Rehearsal Director: Meredith Thompson

Due to severe budget cutbacks the 217th Canadian Flying Squadron has been left without planes! Determined to fly at any cost, the flyers continue their regimented training, choreographed to the millimeter, in an imaginary terrestrial airfield.

The role of commander Klack was originally created in close collaboration with Marie-Josée Chartier. A heartfelt thank you to Marie-Josée for giving life to this commandant.

A Flock of Flyers was originally created by Sylvie Bouchard and David Danzon under the Company CORPUS. A Flock of Flyers: remix is an adaptation of this work by Sylvie Bouchard.

First presented at Dusk Dances in 1996.





Thursday July 4th to Saturday July 6th

6:30 PM - Square Dance workshop and live music begins

6:45 PM - Dance performances begin


Saturday July 6th

1:30 PM - Square Dance workshop and live music begin

1:45 PM - Dance performances begins




Parc de l’Île-Lebel is located at 396 Rue Notre-Dame in Repentigny, QC.


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