Mairéad Filgate in La vie. Photo by John Lauener




La vie

Choreographed by Sylvie Bouchard (BoucharDanse)

Performed by Mairéad Filgate.

La vie is a glimpse into a treasure that disappears in the blink of an eye.
It's a path forward, letting the past settle, and moving towards the unknown,
not without fear, but with willing eyes.
The terrains of our lives vary from rivers, to meadows, to mountains,
but the pounding of our own heart is something
we should always remember to trust.

Premieres in Dusk Dances 2014.

Through the Mask

Choreographed by Peter Chin (Tribal Crackling Wind)

Performed by Chy Ratana and Boby Ari Setiawan

A classical mask dancer from Central Java and Cambodia
meet in their dance regalia, perform their traditional dances
of power and fierceness, only to unmask themselves,
and enter the here and now, performing athletic and expressive
movement that will be contemporary and ageless.
Joining Tribal Crackling Wind will be two of South East Asia’s
most exciting young dancers, Chy Ratana from Cambodia
and Boby Ari Setiawan from Indonesia.

Premieres in Dusk Dances 2014.

(Please note that Through the Mask will not performed on the 2 matinée performances)

Inner City SirenS, PART II

Choreographed by Julia Aplin

Performed by Mairéad Filgate and Brodie Stevenson.
Musicians: Blake Howard and Jesse Baird.
Music by Deb Sinha and Chris Wilson.

Reigning World Champions in the sport of pairs synchronized swimming
for petite pools! The athletes will display the strength, co-ordination
and skill needed to maintain the highest level of accomplishment.
Cheer them on as they strive to overcome challenges
and thrive in the glory of the sport.

First premiered at Dusk Dances 1998.

Run, the process

Choreographed by Milan Gervais

Performed by Milan Gervais, Louliko Shibao, Lauren Semeschuk and Geneviève Gagner

They are 4, in flight. 4 women following a common path.
They cross, follow, intersect each other and change leader.
They have escaped, but remain together throughout their ordeal.
Inspired by trajectories of bird flight and platoons of cyclists,
this 10 minute female quartet is made to be experienced
in an outdoor urban setting. Run, the process is an in-depth choreographic
exploration of urban spaces; a junction of dance and Parkour.

Premieres in Dusk Dances 2014.

Doun Doun Dance

Choreographed by Sis Robin Hibbert

Performed by Farrah Fernando, Yohance Francis, Dammecia Hall, N’deré, Nimon Headley-Lindsay, Taejah Mark , Julia Morris, Shelly-Ann Mc Leod, Nickeshia Garrick
Music: Traditional West African

A playful tribute to Guinea’s spirited Ku-Ku rhythm
and the high-octane stick-drum dance traditionally
performed by women from the Forest Region,
Ku-Ku is played to mark the end of the harvest
and during celebration festivities.

Premieres this year at Dusk Dances 2014.


Choreographed by Kate Franklin and Meredith Thompson

Performed by: tba

Incandescent, a thoughtful, visually stunning portrait of both the individual and the collective human experience, is inspired by the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Anthem, "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."

First premiered at Dusk Dances in 2012.

(Please note that Incandescent will not performed on the 2 matinée performances)





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