Molly Johnson, Marianna Medellin-Meinke, Mairéad Filgate and Meredith Thompson in Santee Smith's Kaha:wi, Photo: Joseph Michael Photography

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Kaha:wi, Four Directions, Young Woman's Dance

Choreographed by Santee Smith

Performed by Jordana Deveau, Mami Hata, Molly Johnson and Meredith Thompson
Music by Jennifer Kreisberg, Pura Fe and Sony Moreno

Kaha:wi celebrates the spirit of women and their connection to Earth.
The music and movement emanate from this land honouring the Konkwehon:we
(Iroquois women's) connection to Grandmother Moon, birth and plant world.
Feet stomping into Earth, undulating spines and outstretched arms embracing Sky, Kaha:wi embodies feminine force within the life-sustainers (women).

First premiered at Dusk Dances 2009.


Choreographed by Danny Grossman

Performed by Michael Caldwell and Meredith Thompson.

Bella was inspired by the opera music of Puccini.
In 1977, with the Puccini music and a mutual love of Marc Chagall’s
paintings, Danny Grossman and Judy Jarvis set out to make a duet
for themselves on top of, under and around a table.
When Mary Kerr arrived to design the sets and costumes, she took her inspiration
from the Chagall images they had been using and created a beautiful painted
horse as the centerpiece for this charming love duet.

First premiered at Dusk Dances 2007.

PhotURIs Versicolor

Choreographed by Sylvie Bouchard and Marie-JosÉe Chartier

Performed by Sylvie Bouchard and Marie-Josée Chartier
Photinus appearance by: Michael Caldwell

Live insect-o-sonics: Philip Strong

Twin fireflies get separated at birth. After a journey apart, they find
each other again, in a cluster of trees, at Alex Robertson Park. See how they grow
to become Photuris Versicolor, or as they like to call themselves, "femmes fatales!"

Premieres this year at Dusk Dances.

Odette’s Odyssey

Choreographed by Tiffany Ratz

Performed by the students of the Theatre Dance Academy: Kianna Forrest, Jane Santen, Doriana Filippo, Taela Forrest, Hannah Chapeski, Rachel MacDonald, Holly Braun, Alyssa Gagne, Rachel Simpson, Kylie Vozza, Jessica Azzopardi, Matthew Azzopardi, Emma Barrett, Brooklynn Best, Kalia Dawkins, Lily Davis, Joshua Forrest, Vanessa Gagne, Echo Hellas, Kirstyn Hill, Sierra Johnson, Erin Maenza, Sophia Pawlowski, Meredith Ryce, Maya Stojijlkovic, Anna Turkington, and Shaelynn Wiseman

A troll family takes viewers through the story of a lost snow bird Odette. Odette who is raised amongst strangers struggles to fit in. One day Odette is carried away by a storm, when Odette takes shelter under tree, she has a strange dream. When she awakes Odette is given wisdom and encouragement by three dryads. The dryads send Odette on a journey where she finds her lost family.

Premieres this year at Dusk Dances.





Mairéad Filgate and Eddie Kastrau in Danny Grossman's Bella


6:00 PM TO 6:45 PM: COME EARLY

7:00 PM - Band starts

7:30 PM - Dance performances start

PWYC - $10 suggested minimum donation

Alex Robertson Park is located close to the nuclear power plant.

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