Montana Summers. Photo by William Yong

With financial contribution from
HCA Dance Theatre, Simcoe Contemporary Dancers and Diffusion Hector-Charland.


Join us for the second virtual edition of Dusk Dances on Saturday, October 23, 2021 at 7:30pm.

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Festival Director and Curator: Sylvie Bouchard
Film Director & Editor: William Yong (W Zento Production)
Director of Photography: Oliver Salathiel
Technical Director: Courtney Pyke
Stage Manager: Melanie Hall
Lighting Designer: Courtney Pyke
Technical Liaison for Glendon College: Duncan Appleton
Technical Assistant: Rikki van Goozen and Albert Duan
Broadcast Technical Director: Adam Germain

Story: Kan^stote, written and performed by Montana Summers from the Oneida Nation of the Thames
Writing mentor to Montana Summers: Janet Marie Rogers
Musical guest: Njo Kong Kie (FORMULA 1, from the album Picnic in the Cemetery)

Space Within Us
A Film Adaptation

Choreographed by Pulga Muchochoma

Performers: 3+ (Yuichiro Inoue, Pulga Muchochoma and Naishi Wang)
Costume Designer: 3+ (Yuichiro Inoue, Pulga Muchochoma and Naishi Wang)
Composer: Sarah Shugarman

Outside eye for the original stage creation of this work: Marie-Josée Chartier

Space Within Us is a piece that raises questions of immigrant experiences and identity, the varied forms of racism we face as a Black man and as Asian men, perceptions of being members of the dominant cultures in our countries of origin to become “othered” in Toronto, and what “other” means. We are looking to challenge ideas of what it is to be an immigrant, the spaces we inhabit, and the varied and diverse experiences we face as African, Japanese, Chinese, and Canadian people. We always ask the question of what space are we in and where do we belong?

Big thanks to Dusk Dances for making this project available to all of us.

Originally commissioned by Dusk Dances and premiered at Dusk Dances Withrow Park in 2019.


Choreographed by Aria Evans (POLITICAL MOVEMENT)

Performers: Sierra Chin Sawdy and Irvin Chow
Music: Daniel Joseph White, Beneath The Mountain and Philip Daniel Zach (from Artlist)

RElaps reimagines the theme of how many small innocent acts can turn into huge betrayals of trust by exploring how we can heal, forgive and move forward through intimate connection.

An acknowledgement of Jesse Dell, Julia Sasso and Andy Moro as well as Naishi Wang and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard for being a part of the previous iterations of RElaps and thank you to The Railpath Arts Centre for our rehearsal space residency.

A Dusk Dances premiere.

Moving Scores, Ritual Presence… Never End

Choreographed by Kevin A. Ormsby

Performer: Kevin A. Ormsby
Costume Designer: Kevin A. Ormsby and Jillia Cato
Music: Jeff Pierre, Ministry of Miracles Healing School SB and traditional abeng
Outside Eye: Jillia Cato and Michael Mortley

In what ways we practice rituals in our daily lives, brushing our teeth, lighting a candle, incense or speech becomes an act of moving, a ritual of arriving at presence. Inspired by the Denise Fujiwara's Solo Dance Lab process, Kevin A. Ormsby explores the rituals of everyday life, cultural practices, myths and stories in questioning body, traditions, and presence. The work is honouring, questioning and reaffirmation of the body as a score of our lives.

Thank you to the griots past, present and future that continue to share the rituals in our lives. To the ancestors, the ritual of survival, work, and African centred spirituality; I thank you.

A Dusk Dances premiere.


Choreographed by William Yong (Zata Omm Dance Projects)

Performers: Zachary Cardwell, Christian Lavigne and Jessica Mak
Music: ‘The Essential Alfred Hitchcock’
Rehearsal Director: Kaitlin Torrance

Original cast and created on:
2007: Jasmine Ellis, Andrew Taylor, Piotr Biernat

Previous cast:
2008: Michael Caldwell, Molly Johnson, Louis Laberge-Côté
2009: Andrew Taylor, Molly Johnson, Louis Laberge-Côté
2012: Irvin Chow, Molly Johnson, Brendan Wyatt
2018: Zachary Cardwell, Alison Keery, Brendan Wyatt

Tenterhooks is a choreographic work reinterpreting iconic Alfred Hitchcock’s movies soundtracks. Filled with the quirks and quandaries of a camping trip trio, Tenterhooks is inspired by all manner of camping experiences; the hilarious upsets and the surprising joys that arise from unexpected circumstances found in and around a nylon camping tent.

First premiered as a Dusk Dances commission in 2007.





Premiere on Saturday, October 23, 2021
at 7:30pm


Pay-what-you-can event. Registration required.
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