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IN THE Media 2019


- June 21st: Entrez dans la danse au crépuscule à Repentigny
(Source: Sarah Élisabeth Aubry, Hebdo Rive Nord,



IN THE Media 2018


- August 9th: Review: Dusk Dances Festival is a joyful collision of community and movement
(Source: Martha Shabas, The Globe and Mail,

- August 7th: Interview with Michael Caldwell
(Source: Gill Deacon, CBC Here and Now,

-  August 6th: Interview with Sylvie Bouchard
(Source: Francine Ravel, Radio Canada L'Heure de Pointe,

- August 3rd: 10 Free Things To Do In Toronto This August Long Weekend
(Source: Madeline Morra, Toronto Storeys,

- August 1st:  Dusk Dances' Peter Chin moves between cultures
(Source: Kathleen Smith, NOW Magazine,

- July 17th: Dusk Dances presents its 24th season Withrow Park with Allisson Toffan
(Source: SheDoesTheCity,

- June 26th: DUSK DANCES Proudly Presents Its 24TH Annual Season
(Source: Broadway World Toronto,



IN THE Media 2017


- July 6th: Tout comme Joanie, découvrez les nombreuses activités estivales...
(Source: Joanie, TVA Salut bonjour -

- March 30th: Dusk Society: une création de Rhodnie Désir
(Source: Line Boily, Radio Canada -



IN THE Media 2016


- August 5th: Local gigs for Riverdale
(Source: Joanna Lavoie, Beach Mirror,

- August 2nd: Téléjournal - Entrevue avec Sylvie Bouchard
(Source: Kevin Sweet, Radio Canada -

- August 2nd: Dance in the park with Dusk Dances
(Source: Dedra McDermott, The Dance Current,

- August 2nd: Urban Planner: SummerWorks, Dusk Dances, TIME Festival
(Source: Steve Fisher, Torontoist,

- August 1st: Weeklong outdoor dance festival, Dusk Dances, returns to Toronto’s Withrow Park
(Source: Beach Mirror, InsideToronto,

- August 1st: Interview with Sylvie Bouchard
(Source: Fairchild TV,

- August 1st: Dusk Dances 2016 - Toronto
(Source: MyGayToronto,

- July 31st: Top ticket: Three shows to see July 31 to Aug. 5
(Source: Carly Maga, Toronto Star,

- July 31st: Performers from Dusk Dances Festival visit CP24
(Source: CP24,

- July 29th: DoubleTooth provides soundtrack to dance movement
(Source: Kathryn Kates, Canadian Jewish News,

- July 28th: Dusk Dances Enters Its 22nd Season
(Source: Shirley Camia, JAZZ FM 91,

- July 28th: Le festival Dusk Dances : 22 ans dans le parc Withrow de Toronto
(Source: Radio-Canada, Un après-midi d'été,

- July 28th: Flipstar: Sylvie Bouchard

- July 28th: DUSK DANCES 2016 Featuring Five Contemporary Dance Works
(Source: DON411,

- July 27th: The hottest tickets in town: Five things to do in Toronto
(Source: Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail,

- July 27th: Five Things You Need To Know About Dusk Dances
(Source: Kathleen Smith, NOW MAgazine,

- July 26th: De la danse contemporaine qui a des allures de fête communautaire
(Source: François Bergeron , L'Express Toronto,

- July 22nd: DUSK DANCES Opens in Toronto August 1
(Source: BroadwayWorld,

- July 14th: Dusk Dances 2016 returns for its 22nd season
(Source: She Does The City ,

- July 11th: Dusk Dances Delights
(Source: My Gay Toronto,

- July 6th: Toronto: Dusk Dances brings contemporary dance to Withrow Park August 1-7
(Source: Stage Door News,



IN THE Media 2015


- August 13th: A Mix of Light and Shadows
(Source: Mark Mann, The Dance Current,

- August 8th: Dusk Dances bring summer magic
(Source: Celeste Sansregret, Spockets and Greasepaint,

- August 4th: Dusk Dances ample fun and whimsy that appeals across ages
(Source: Martha Shabas, Globe and Mail,

- August 3rd: Dusk Dances adds challenging, evening-only work
(Source: Michael Crabb, Toronto Star,

- July 30th: Dusk Dances shimmying back to Withrow Park
(Source: Tara Hatherly, East York Mirror,



IN THE Media 2014


- August 8th: Outdoor dance festival celebrates its 20th season with magical new work
(Source: CREW Magazine,

- August 5th: Dusk Dances’ roving dance feast under the sky is intoxicatingly charming: review
(Source: Michael Crabb, Toronto Star,

- August 5th: Le parc Withrow devient l’écrin de six ballets de danse (Source: Marion Vagner, L'Express,

- August 4th: Interview with Sylvie Bouchard on CBC Metro Morning (Source: Morgan Passi, CBC,

- August 2nd: Interview with Sylvie Bouchard on Radio Canada 'Un après-midi d'été' (Source: Francine Ravel, Radio Canada,

- August: Dusk Dances celebrates 20 Years!
(Source: Alex Wright, SNAP Beaches,

- July 31st: Dusk Dances still twinkling in its 20th season (Source: Michael Crabb, Toronto Star,

- July 28th: Two Decades of Dusk Dances (Source: Christopher Jones,

- July 19th: Interview with Sylvie Bouchard on EviDance Radio (Source: Ted Fox, CIUT FM 89.5 EviDance -

- May 29th: Hot Summer Guide: Find the magic of movement in dance (Source: Glenn Sumi, NOW MAgazine,



IN THE Media 2013


- August 6th: Danser au crépuscule (Source: Amina Oudghiri, L'Express -

- August 1st: Dusk Dances 2013 (Source: Emma Letki, Mooney On Theatre,

- July 30th: Dusk Dances featured a little something for everyone (Source: Michael Crabb, Toronto Star,

- July 30th: News Toronto (Late Night) - at 29'34" (CBC Toronto,

- July 27th: Interview with Melanie Kloetzel and Denise Fujiawara on EviDance Radio (Source: Ted Fox, CIUT FM 89.5 EviDance -

- July 26th: Dancing in the Park: Dusk Dances steps back into summer (Source: Michael Crabb, Toronto Star,

- July 25th: Dusk Dance dances set to return to Withrow Park (Source: Rebecca Field, East York Mirror,



IN THE Media 2012


- September 1st: Dusk Dances (Source: Lee Waddington, SNAP Beaches,

- September 1st: Dusk Dances (Source: Fraser Douglas, SNAP Downtown Toronto,

- August 16th: Dusk dancing is back at Toronto parks (Source: Susan Hay, Global News Toronto,

- August 3rd: Dusk Dances brings Withrow Park to life (Source: Claire Nelischer, Spacing,

- August 2nd: Dusk Dances at Withrow Park brims with vitality, variety (Source: Michael Crabb, Toronto Star,

- August 2nd: Dusk Dances 2012 (Source: Mara Gulens, Mooney On Theatre,

- July 30th: Interview with Sylvie Bouchard on CKLN 88.1 FM 'Stageleft' (Source: Tien Providence, CKLN 88.1 FM -

- July 29th: A spooky dance, as darkness descends (Source: Michael Crabb, Toronto Star,

- July 28th: Annual Dance Festival Returns To Withrow Park (Source: Danielle Milley, East York Mirror,

- July 28th: Interview with Myriam Allard on EviDance Radio (Source: Ted Fox, CIUT FM 89.5 EviDance -

- July 28th: Five things to do this week: July 28 - August 3 (Source: Jason Rehel, National Post,

- July 26th: Dusk Dances performances return to Neilson Park in Malvern (Source: Laura Booth, Scarborough Mirror,

- July 25th: Interview with Sylvie Bouchard on Radio Canada 'Y'a pas deux matins pareils' (Source: Isabelle Gobeil, Radio Canada -

- July 24th: Interview with Sylvie Bouchard on Radio Canada 'Champ Libre' (Source: Maxime Mallet, Radio Canada -

- July 24th: Hot Summer Guide: the Summer's Best Dance (Source: Glenn Sumi, NOW MAgazine,

- July 24th: No Walk in the Park for Young Dancers (Source: Christopher Jones,

- July 24th: Danceopolis - Community Highlight: Dusk Dances (Source: Rebecca,

- July 21sth: Interview with Sylvie Bouchard on EviDance Radio (Source: Ted Fox, CIUT FM 89.5 EviDance -

- July 17th: Dusk Dances en communion avec la nature (Source: Guillaume Garcia, L'Express -



IN THE Media 2011


- December 30th: 2011: The Year in Photos (Source: Nancy Paiva, - pdf

- December 26th: Crabb: Dancing their way into our hearts (Source: Michael Crabb - - pdf

- July 8th: All the World's a stage for Dusk Dances (Source:

- June 29th: An interview with Julie Anne Ryan and a rockin’ performance by Kate Franklin and Meredith Thompson on A-Channel’s A-Morning

- June 20th: Dusk Dances 2011. Toronto Press Release (pdf)



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