After much support and encouragement from the communities surrounding the park, government funding agencies and artists alike, Bouchard and Danzon decided to make Dusk Dances an annual event. From 1997 to 2005, Dusk Dances was produced by CORPUS under the artistic direction of Bouchard and Danzon.

Dusk Dances received public funding from all levels of government for the first time in 1997. The event featured twelve choreographers, two programs and ran throughout fFIDA. Once again, it proved to be an artistic and public success.


Program #1: Trinity-Bellwoods Park 

Hosted by Linda Brokenshire. Opening band: COBA (Collective of Black Artists).


Peter Chin, with Wilderness Extempore III

Jahanara Akhlaq, with Untitled 1

Denise Duric, with What is the color of the wind

Allen Kaeja, with Fyftine

Sara Porter, with Opus Ornithologicus

CORPUS, with Carousel



Program #2: Trinity-Bellwoods Park

Hosted by Rutabagan (Christian Laurin). Opening Band: COBA (Collective of Black Artist).


Esmeralda Enrique, with Aire Moruno

Bill James

The Jumbie Project

Eva Kyzirides

Learie McNicolls

Michael Sobreira, with Frames




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