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Our host extraordinaire Dan Watson will lead you to
four exciting dance pieces as the sun sets over Rotary Park.


Choreography by Kate Franklin and Meredith Thompson

Performed by Pat Ainsworth, Bridget Allin, Eleanor Anckaert, Kiana Bromley, Tilly Bromley, Tina Bromley, Sandy Burnaby, Jules Carney, Carolyn Code, Erin Copeland, Annalea Copeland Williams, Noah Earle, Mairead Filgate, Iris Hodgson, Rowan Irwin, Molly Johnson, Julie Mycyk, Becca Partington, Kim Perdue, Will Read, Rebecca Reeves, Carolyn Ross, Shelby Shewen, Robyn Smith, Brodie Stevenson, Meredith Thompson, Hope Wells, Megan Wells, Barb Woolner and Brendan Wyatt.

Incandescent, a thoughtful, visually stunning portrait of both the individual and the collective human experience, is inspired by the lyrics of Leonard Cohen's Anthem, "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."


Choreography by Zata Omm Dance Projects

Performed by Brodie Stevenson and Brendan Wyatt

A piece inspired by our fear of nightfall and darkness.

>> www.zataomm.org

Onward Ho, My Love

Choreography by JULIA APLIN WITH tiger princess dance projects

Performed by Yvonne Ng and Brendan Wyatt

Onward Ho, My Love is a duet of a man in a top hat, a woman in a red gown. A path to be taken. What happens along the journey may be seen as questionable, amusing, strange, interesting, odd, joyful, sad, elegant, rough, tender, harsh, perhaps even confusing but always with the wild sense of commitment, integrity and bravery that the dancers bring to the work.

>> www.princessproductions.ca

The Horologium

Choreography by Michael Caldwell

Performed by Mairéad Filgate, Molly Johnson, Meredith Thompson
Yvonne Ng and Brodie Stevenson.

A fantastical journey into the topsy-turvy world of a hapless caretaker,
3 dancers, and a nine-foot tall accordion-playing matriarch.





7:00 PM - Band starts

7:30 PM - Dances start

Rotary Park is the lower section of Nichols Oval, accessed from Hazlitt Street on the East side and the London Street footbridge to the West.

More info: 705-745-1788







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