Marketa Tokova

General Manager


General Manager Marketa Tokova began working for Dusk Dances in January 2019. She comes from the Czech Republic where she graduated in International Business at the University of Economics in Prague. Ms. Tokova has gained extensive experience working with not-for-profit organizations in the Czech Republic, Belgium and Canada, focusing on not-for-profit administration and management, events organization, and financial management.

During her studies, Tokova was actively involved in a student not-for-profit organization supporting international student exchange in Europe and beyond, called Erasmus Student Network. She joined its Board in 2007 and represented the Czech branch at the international level, being responsible for the network development and international cooperation and partnerships.

From 2008 to 2010, Tokova served on the international Board of Erasmus Student Network in Brussels – she was elected Vice-President for the period of 2008-2009 and President for 2009-2010. Marketa Tokova was responsible for the management of the organization, strategic planning, relationships with governmental, public and private partners and sponsors, and special projects, such as fundraising campaign for Unicef in 2010 that raised approx. $150,000 CAD; an extensive research of problems of recognition of credits received during an international study exchange or ExchangeAbility – a project analyzing the accessibility of international student exchange to students with disabilities.

From 2010 to January 2017, Marketa Tokova worked as a Human Resource Professional for Jan Becher – Pernod Ricard, an international producer and distributor of wine and spirits. In her role, she was responsible for many socially-focused and outreach activities of the company, as well as managed an EU-funded project developing the skills and expertise of factory workers of the company.

After coming to Canada in February 2017, Tokova worked for a production of Cirque de Soleil in an administrative role. In September 2018, she joined the Ekran Polish Film Association as Administrative Manager and organized and coordinated two editions of the Toronto Polish Film Festival in 2017 and 2018, with an average attendance of 3,000 people. Marketa Tokova also supported the creation and development of the new Board of Directors and assisted with the charitable application. Additionally, she was responsible for the relations with governmental and private institutions, other festivals and film organizations in Toronto.

In December 2018, Tokova started working for BoucharDanse and in January 2019, for Dusk Dances, closely collaborating with Sylvie Bouchard and helping her to realize her artistic vision.




Adina Herling

financial Manager


Adina Herling began her career in Arts Management after receiving a Diploma in Dance from Ryerson University and a Bachelor of Arts in Dance at the University of Calgary. After working with a number of arts organizations including Alberta Ballet School, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Genovese Vanderhoof and Associates, and Dance Umbrella of Ontario, she founded Adina Herling Arts Management in 2002, with the mission of providing full and dedicated management services to small-scale dance organizations.

She currently works as General Manager for CanAsian Dance, Fujiwara Dance Inventions, Tribal Crackling Wind, Dreamwalker Dance Company and Moonhorse Dance Theatre, and as Financial Manager for BoucharDanse, Dusk Dances and pounds per square inch performance. Past clients include Eve Egoyan, princess productions, adelheid dance projects, M-DO, Toronto Table Ensemble and Company Erasga Dance (Vancouver).




MikaËl Lavogiez

Website & Design Administrator


Mikael Lavogiez is a web designer, photographer and videographer. A native of Strasbourg, France, he completed a degree in geography, but soon changed course and decided to invest his passion for photography and design within the arts and culture sector.

It was in Brussels in 2001 that Lavogiez met Pierre Diependaele and Louis Ziegler, artistic directors of Theatre du Marché aux Grains. With the group, he worked as a technician and also created videographic imagery for such productions as Troilus et CressidaCassandre and Le Jour des Meurtres dans l’histoire d’Hamlet. He also delved into audiovisual production and created the association Procreaction, dedicated to recording and editing concerts and plays, as well as producing documentaries and short films.

After multiple trips to Asia, the USA and Europe, Lavogiez decided to continue his artistic adventure in Canada. In 2008, he packed his bags and moved to Toronto where he quickly connected with local artists, choreographers and directors. After undertaking many roles within several artistic companies in Toronto, he created his own company, iSpin Media, in 2009 offering graphic design, web-design, photo/video and public relations services.






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