COVID-19 update

Since Dusk Dances 2020 will be an online event, we will not be recruiting volunteers for our 2020 season. We would like to take this opportunity to thank wholeheartedly all our past volunteers - your support and loyalty means a lot to us. We are wishing you a great summer and are looking forward to working with you again in 2021!

Save the date for the first-ever online event of Dusk Dances on October 17, 2020.

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Help create magic in a park near you!

Dusk Dances requires volunteers for all performances, previews, and dress rehearsals.


Why should I volunteer with Dusk Dances?

- I enjoy spending time outdoors and interacting with people of all ages.
- I want to support a beautiful and accessible community-oriented event.
- I love dance, and I want to help bring dance to a broader audience.
- I had such a great time volunteering with Dusk Dances in the past!


What will I do? It depends! There are three (3) types of volunteers:

- Production Volunteers work behind-the-scenes. They help to set everything up (banners, signs, equipment, props, programs, etc.) and take it all down again when the performance finishes. They watch over and secure all the dance sites and the dressing room(s).

- Front of House Volunteers interact with the audience - they are the ‘face’ of the festival. They hand out programs and surveys, answer questions, collect money, and more. Some volunteers are stationed at the information table, but most travel with the audience from site to site. In some locations, volunteers also make and sell popcorn. At the end of the night, Front of House volunteers relieve production volunteers and help to put everything away.

- Floater Volunteers fill in for people who are away and help out wherever they are needed most during the performance. They might do any - or all - of the above.


What is my time commitment?

Production volunteers are generally required from 2½ hours before a performance until about half an hour after the end of the performance; production volunteers are also required at all dress rehearsals. Front of House volunteers arrive 1½ hours before a performance and stay until about 1 hour after the performance ends. On days when there are two performances (afternoon and evening), some volunteer shifts are longer, to help cover the gap between shows.

All volunteers are invited and strongly encouraged to attend the dress rehearsal, to become familiar with the show and to meet the staff, cast, and other volunteers.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator in your city for the exact dates and times that volunteers are required.


I am a high school student in Ontario. Can my time as a Dusk Dances volunteer count towards my required hours for community involvement?

Yes! We will sign any forms required by a student’s school and/or we can provide any student with a letter stating the details of her or his involvement.



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