Moving Parts by Denise Fujiwara. Photo by David Wong




July 20th-23rd
Bayfront Park

July 30th-August 6th
Withrow Park
Sylvie Bouchard’s last season as Founder and Festival Director of Dusk Dances.






Dusk Dances has developed and will enforce Health and Safety Protocols in all the parks where Dusk Dances takes place, to ensure a safe working environment, respecting and following the provincial and municipal health and safety measures in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All the performers, staff and volunteers working with Dusk Dances will be rapid-tested daily during the festival week and volunteers will be encouraged to wear a mask.

The audiences are invited to wear a mask, if they are attending any of the Dusk Dances 2023 performances.



Dusk Dances rarely cancels a show in advance of the start time due to inclement weather. All of our artists and volunteers are present at the park (even if it's pouring), and should the clouds part, the sun start to shine, and it's safe to perform, they are ready to go. An announcement is generally made at the park between 7:00pm and 7:30pm if the show has been cancelled. Any cancellation will be announced on Dusk Dances social media, after the announcement in the park.

A good rule of thumb to assess whether to attend a Dusk Dances performance when the weather looks bad: when it’s time for you to leave for the park, look up at the sky… if it is raining with no end in sight, or if there is a lightning, you may consider attending another Dusk Dances performance.




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